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#750 Kanaya, Kakizaki-machi
Nakakaburi-gun, Niigata-ken

Headed by Mr. Norio Kinoshita, KC International is currently our biggest principal in manpower services. Projects by Kajima, Taisei and other big Japanese clients in countries like, Japan, Russia, Algeria, Singapore, Indonesia, Tanzania, Jordan, Solomon Islands, Morroco and other big countries are well catered by KC International and having WERR Corporation as his Philippine partner have made it possible for KC to supply his clients with the proper manpower that they need.

KC-WERR relationship have grown from a client-based to a partner-based business relationship. Mr. Kinoshita have been a very good friend of WERR Corporation Executive Management and Overseas Staff. They have been doing business for more than 10 years already. It has been a business based on commitment and trust for both side.

KC-International have always made WERR Corporation International be able to grow as a business entity in Manpower Power Business. In return WERR Corporation always tries its best to continuosly give the best manpower to KC-International to always give its company a stronger relationship with its clients.

WERR Construction International, LLC GUAM U.S.A.
Address: 174 F. Dungca St., Tamuning Guam, 96931
Tel. No.: (671) 483.55.85 / (671) 647.55.85
Contact Person : Leo Macaraeg

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